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Look of the day;) posing with my Gokai Pink ranger key

Though I had mid-terms coming up the following day I couldn't really 'fly kite' this opportunity to go watch The Lorax at TGV's Beanieplex ! What more with one of my closest friend Mel


There are times where I feel like taking the nearest book and slam it on any individuals that got on to my nerves.

Now back to studies
Been lazying around

Which is bad as I've yet to complete my review essay on Delicatessen

My skin hadn't been in good shape either..I think I've been having a very unhealthy lifestyle this year. I really need to take care of my eating habits and sleeping patterns.

Been trying to revise as much as I can but I said it's pretty unsatisfactory that my memory skills has gone down the gutter.

I need to not only buck up a lot...actually I need to buck up as soon as possible for finals. I don't want to waste my effort of getting back into studying.

It's still like me taking baby steps once again. I really need to motivate myself