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A new chapter begins for 2013 !

Pudding and I ... He's so cute right ? Actually I've been really busy due to problematic problems at home so it was really hard to even find time to properly blog. Since then this post I had to keep editing since it was still stored on my phone

Anyways yesterday hung out a bit with Hermes! Accompanied her to register into Taylor's .

Been a while also see her... Awwww hur. It's been mostly like everyone is so super busy it's just hard to meet up. Ahhhh

Also bought a replacement eyelash curler ... Since somehow my eyelash curler "disappeared" during my stay at Traders for Comic Fiesta 2012!

Aaa I was really irritate when that happened..

It was apparently out of stock for awhile but the person who worked at Shu Uemura called me as soon as the stock came in.

Lookie my new baby! Ahhhh

... And I nearly forgot I had dinner on the same day with Tako-chan so ... Ehe oops.

Yummy! Had Nandos in the end cos we both didn't want to go Haikara ;3;

Overall been a decent day just that sigh I wish the problems back at home will dissipate ASAP.

Can't wait to go for a concert in Sepang next week and also to meet bby again !


■ あのね


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