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Might not be able to remember everything because I have my Final exams next week and I should really be studying !!

me, Shiro and especially Hibiki who invited me to help them him out !! Thank you thank you !!!

What I wore for Sunday! At least the weather isn't that bad...

This was how early I was in the area.....but I still had to wait.... for someone. I should just wake people up when I wake up....:)

It is surprisingly my first time to be at Sepang, my first time to attend a race, first time to walk so near the tracks, first time to ever look up to a driver with utmost respect!

Masataka-San Ganbarimasu!!

I can say that the experience I face is something I would value and treasure most in my lifetime because I don't get to do this so often.

Ika Musume!! GESO GESO GESO.....

I will have to end here!

Need to get ready for exams now


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