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This is really a backdated entry...but I'll try to recap everything as short as possible.

Was asked to go to the event area around 9 but Pavilion only opens around 10.30.....managed to enter the mall with the excuse as helping out for Cosplay Tales haha.

Guess I was not the only one there!

Been awhile I've seen you Hisashi :3 rad hairdo ehe.

Since we were really early ended up buying breakfast and roll around the area till Hibiki (who I was suppose to help out hahahah..) finally came around 10+ ...(lateee due to preparing lol)

Me and pics with the Danny Choo characters

The area ...


Ended up go bored so I decided to try that fuji apple tea as suggested by Hibiki...since I didn't really fancy Ochado but gave second chance lol

Decently refreshing....just couldn't stand drinking cold first thing the morning as it will upset my stomach so I gave to Hamada...

Again lol.

So went to Daiso. With one thing in mind one impractical nonsense and get another practical nonsense. So I got myself an usamimi (after one year of deciding ...) and a sewing kit for me to use for events

And then lunch at a cafe ...lunch paid for by uncle and aunty so paiseh! >~<;

Tako's mushroom soup in a bread bowl

My omurice

Got my gokaiger sweets tho! Thankiuuuuuuuuuuu

Got these two out of curiosity ...regretted taking the Lipton milk tea...should've taken the Kirin one -.-

I will end my post now with this ehehehheehe

Thank you for bothering to read :3


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