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There are times where I feel like taking the nearest book and slam it on any individuals that got on to my nerves.

Yes I'm tired. All the time and I am indeed trying my very best to cope up with this lifestyle. Doesn't help I prefer to make my suppose to be simple way of handling things very complicated just because I want it that way.

Club commitments for upcoming events is really hard to handle because I am viewed as an asset to help around and making sure they know what to avoid and play safe. Sure risks can be taken but likewise coming from a society I know which is pretty much kiasu like it or'll get it when you stay long enough in this hobby.

School work has been pilling up slowly, I know I have my responsibilities and yes old habits die hard. Putting it to the last minute but at least for now i do the first parts of the work so I don't need to crack my brain over this.

Health wise? Had a burn out on a Thursday evening nap that went to a full 14 hours deep sleep till the next day. I guess its a way how my body tells me I better rest or I'll fall sick for the next few weeks :/

sigh busy semester it is considering its the last sem for foundations before I proceed to my degree...


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