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i just realize the 'white on black' option if you press ur home button 3 times..WAIT WAS IT FOR ANYWAYS
10-23 23:52

eh wait I was suppose to be asleep 30 mins ago. :| okay for real now.
10-23 23:43

as much as I know people might already view me as a stick up her ass person. :| not like I care about holidays but I despise it. ALOT.
10-23 23:35

@lockieishere :|
10-23 23:16

sure sure. My comment sounds more like an assumption. When its clearly not. Its a more of matter of fact thing. =_=
10-23 23:09

and from how the system is done LAN subs like Moral and MS = possibly will be held NOT during that week.
10-23 22:52

sure finals ends up after xmas but take note :| we only have 4 subs during that actual finals dates.
10-23 22:52

classmates. Do you have any fucking common sense sometimes :|
10-23 22:51

home > bed nao > ignore me plz
10-23 22:38

On the way home. :| going to just go straight to room and rot
10-23 22:08

Really all this rage at the end of the day. Bipolar family is bipolar
10-23 21:50

... Seriously dad your mouth will be the fucking first thing to rot when ur dead :|
10-23 21:10

Dad being fucking stubborn again
10-23 21:00

@waddupyowza oh lol okay ahah tadi sya bingung
10-23 20:45

/so full of char siew QQ;
10-23 20:29

@waddupyowza i just realize something didn't you mean oct? Cos November mana ads 31st ni
10-23 20:28

I'm at Goku Raku Ramen (Mid Valley Megamall, S026, 2nd Flr., Kuala Lumpur)
10-23 19:57

Lol whut (@ Mid Valley Megamall w/ 55 others)
10-23 19:26

Omg A. Samad Said walking around the gardens ! That's the 3rd time in my entire lifetime since I was in KL seeing him in the flesh oAo
10-23 19:20

@waddupyowza ah Okies then noted ;)
10-23 19:13

@waddupyowza lol no prob klia kan? It's roughly just 40 mins drive
10-23 19:09

@waddupyowza boleh just drop me your flight details via DM
10-23 18:48

Mille crepe! Kinda heavy tho...
10-23 18:39

@waddupyowza you want me pick you up or not ?
10-23 18:36

:| I don't even know why am I here (@ Austin Chase Coffee w/ 3 others)
10-23 18:14

@AkikoWolf okaii
10-23 17:48

@shadowdorumon @Shin8ix /cough
10-23 17:46 just parked at the premier zone... I hope he realize that it's ..super expensive...
10-23 16:15

I'm at The Gardens Mall (Mid Valley City, Lingkaran Syed Putra, Kuala Lumpur) w/ 32 others
10-23 16:00

@feliciajulin something like this la. Not the best example hahaha but yeah
10-23 15:53

@feliciajulin it's macam a transition from each crystal to another crystal color if you paham la haha
10-23 15:48

Seems like Umobile tends to change their billboard ads quite frequent
10-23 15:45

@feliciajulin tengah looking at those gradient rainbow bling customized ones . Nanti sya link ko hahha
10-23 15:43

Thats it. Gonna go have either gong cha or chatime. But I rarely go to gong cha...chatime also got in campus. Ah decisions and options
10-23 15:42

@Justion wai so salah.
10-23 15:41

Wanted to roll at home to spring clean some clothes but at this rate i doubt I would anytime soon :|
10-23 15:40

@feliciajulin olol bosan lah. Plus I have quite a bunch of stickers like these hanging around
10-23 15:39

@itsluxmee ...they be noisy tho. I prefer chinchillas for some odd reason. Tho most the pet shops are like having quite old chinchillas
10-23 15:38 to The Gardens cos parents want to go shop for new clothes ( ̄^ ̄)ゞ
10-23 15:35

I was so bored. So I blinged my mini thumb drive
10-23 14:50 room is like the coldest one in this whole house the rest are BURNIIING SAUNNASssss =-=
10-23 14:44

@ashedoll hahah no lah yang sudu pisau garfu yang privy
10-23 14:33

urk....looks like I have to pick out the new materials for our curtains for CNY. /whymethoorz
10-23 13:56

@ashedoll tapi satu private LOL. and for a good reason ololol
10-23 13:43

okay..lunch/brunch w/e
10-23 13:42

@AkikoWolf : | but i want milkshake T_T
10-23 13:24

@ashedoll nah dah unblock
10-23 13:15

10-23 12:56

here I am looking at youtube videos of Mynah imitating speech. Now I want one :|
10-23 12:53

what with this craving for a Nutella or Peanut Butter milkshake :|
10-23 12:48

its either a bunch of you never check course outlines most of the time (like heck I doubt you do) but seriously must spoon feed ka?
10-23 12:25

eating ruffles as breakfast. :|
10-23 12:18

@AkikoWolf I knowwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww T_T
10-23 12:12

I'm so lazy to send in my application form for that Tokyo Kawaii competition : |
10-23 12:01

I think my body clock is still used to college timing. :| oh well.
10-23 11:57

Oh man in actually super sleepy now :| cleared some trophies for wipeout hd! And now I will totally wipeout to beddd
10-23 05:02

Happily playing my ps3 again
10-23 03:52

I'm at Restoran MMZ (Bukit Jelutong Timur, Jalan G U8/G, Subang) w/ 2 others
10-23 02:30

Gonna watch the thing (@ Golden Screen Cinemas (GSC) w/ 16 others)
10-23 00:02


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