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hmm...apparently quite a few I know are suffering alil bit from sore throat.
10-18 23:50

@AditiDraco95 did you get it from your doc?
10-18 23:27

@AditiDraco95 there is this 'kelapa' brand. I'll pick up a packet for you before I go to campus tomorrow la kay? :) see if it works for ya
10-18 23:24

@feliciajulin la kay. asalkan boleh :P
10-18 23:09

@AditiDraco95 strepsils actually makes your cough worst...^^;;
10-18 23:09

olol finally managed to try out the iMessage option from the ios5 update. Not bad yo
10-18 23:09

dear self please decide to either you sleep early or continue staying awake but suffer from migraine. rawr. no love, me.
10-18 22:54

@feliciajulin LOOOL try work around with it :P I think your comp doesn't fancy you....
10-18 22:49

@feliciajulin iya rabi. Ba ok ok ok I see you tomorrow la! :) Kat mana yer your practice?
10-18 22:33

@feliciajulin once again when you click on the docx > right click > open with > Microsoft Word . Did you do that?
10-18 22:30

@feliciajulin jap lemme re-read your error message
10-18 22:29

@feliciajulin urgh lol I guess so...or I datang awal tomorrow lah. Your dorm can accept visitor masuk ke tak..have to register kan?
10-18 22:28

I guess napping was a reallllyyy horrible idea. Esp when dad is driving...
10-18 22:27

@feliciajulin restart your lappie. and the on your desktop if that file is still there run Office 2010 Toolkit 2.2.3 >click on EZ activator
10-18 22:26

@feliciajulin oh seems I didn't uninstall that microsoft office starter I guess. : X sorry bout that but jussst in case....
10-18 22:25

@feliciajulin what were you trying to open. D: microsoft office word ka pe ni.
10-18 22:25

@feliciajulin I mean like does it give you an error? If not you Cuba right click and open with then use the Microsoft word...
10-18 20:53

@feliciajulin should be able
10-18 20:52

I'll forever be traumatized by ducks @itsluxmee
10-18 20:49

@feliciajulin oh that one sya blom nengok lagi
10-18 20:47

@feliciajulin whhhhhaaattt ;^;
10-18 20:36

...And here I am eating duck rice oh god
10-18 20:34

I'm at Loong Foong Seafood Restaurant (1, Jalan 20/13, Paramount Garden, Petaling Jaya) w/ 2 others
10-18 20:15

@amlnajaa alamak /kipas kipas
10-18 19:55

Wow okay just hanging out with course mate outside of dad comment I spend money. Dad don't fcking assume la idiot
10-18 19:39

I'm at Starbucks Coffee (Taylor's Lakeside Campus, No.1, Jln Taylor's,, Subang Jaya) w/ 4 others
10-18 18:34

Okay done with class oh mai god
10-18 18:23

@silvennia if its part time n weekends I don't mind
10-18 16:19

@shadowdorumon /stares
10-18 16:19

Mmmm hot Choc on a weather like this is pretty delishus derp
10-18 16:16

I'm at Ohana (Taylor's University Lakeside Campus, Puchong)
10-18 14:19

@evari87 mogi? As in Malay skinny shaggy hair dude? Hahah oh man i don't really recall much faces from the meet but hello! :)
10-18 13:47

@AkikoWolf I'm thinking more like uh More of a rockish edgy look
10-18 13:45

@Yishenkoh presentation group now ma. For imw lololol sureka not lecturing
10-18 12:58

@Yishenkoh hahah lai lai only group one still presenting
10-18 12:50

@Yishenkoh meaningless also you rather not retake right...
10-18 12:44

@fezzydoodle oh yaaaa the corporate list plz? Can you Whatsapp the info to me?
10-18 11:36

I'm at Taylor's University (1 Jalan Taylors, Subang Jaya) w/ 62 others
10-18 11:32

aite off to campus....well I need to double check my stuff first :|
10-18 10:46

gg lecturer tegur dah. : P
10-18 10:38

dad tends to make my breakfast kinda weird.. Fish cakes in my loaf and a stick of cheese.Okay I'll eat it anyways haha
10-18 10:05

@rinzhen @hikari151 don't we all have that problem? When we sing too much nihongo...our eigo..just sounds so engrish :|
10-18 09:17

@rinzhen pfffttt ☆*:.。. o(≧▽≦)o .。.:*☆
10-18 09:12

@AkikoWolf waaa nice
10-18 09:11

Woooo good morning
10-18 08:51

Hmm what style can I achieve with just short hair? Lol! Might as well i go to bed now
10-18 01:53

@AkikoWolf haha I'm still going to go for it. At least something to try eheheh
10-18 01:50

@AkikoWolf yeahhh and lol you're welcome ;3 /cries at what to wear for full body shot sniff
10-18 01:49

@waddupyowza D: BUT JOHOR HAS PRETTY MUCH GOOD FOOD WHATTTT..../likes the chinese food there apparently
10-18 01:24

@AkikoWolf yeap around 11.10pm. Maybe wait for yours? :x the deadline for submission is 23rd. And now I'm worried cos I have no decent coord
10-18 01:23

suppose to sleep around 11.30. I'm still awake. OH NOE...
10-18 01:01

I'm wondering now...if there is are plus size gyarus...? :x
10-18 00:44

@AkikoWolf alamak D: I did.....orz
10-18 00:32

@AkikoWolf how ar..: | should I even join that competition ...ahahaha /feels so intimidated right now Q_Q
10-18 00:23

.... Ugh this sucks. Just when finally one clears up another patch starts reacting
10-18 00:06

@Justion :x kancil kecik + no aircon....= busted aircon? Q_Q awwww
10-18 00:02


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