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@fezzydoodle D:
10-17 23:59

@fezzydoodle D: NOOO /looks at the bottle suddenly empty
10-17 23:37

@fezzydoodle ohai
10-17 23:12

@feliciajulin ba see ya tomorrow la haha Bawa laptop juak
10-17 23:02

Sometimes I wonder what you mean by being a 'big' presence in your life. Worst I'm apparently 'sphesul' to you. /lelakinipunyaconplicatedplz
10-17 22:57

@feliciajulin ... Okayy tomorrow sya tolong ko. You got drama meeting right ?
10-17 22:55

Tomorrow please be kind to me. I ended my day pretty bad. Sigh
10-17 22:54

I miss everything already.
10-17 22:52

@feliciajulin continue that one
10-17 22:51

@feliciajulin lol bagus ko bawa laptop tomorrow I'll help rectify n do a clean uninstall for your old one lol
10-17 22:40

@feliciajulin har even with the instructions I gave you? Okay...
10-17 22:27

Really raged. Sigh... Dad in the end tried to talk nicely to me. Just advice me to jaga how I use my internet
10-17 21:43

Even exceeding by rm50 dah kena nagged. Tell me to off my phone next time. Dad y u so idiot and childish bikin panas sya depan counter
10-17 21:33

Ugh I'm soooo prepared for incoming nag from dad :|
10-17 20:52

You didn't instruct me of course la I don't know what you want me to pull from the grass cutter. Not like I cut grass anyways dumbfuck :|
10-17 20:00

10-17 19:59

didn't use that extra sim meant for iPad frm Maxis at all nor activate it :| still need to pay ar. Mis communication with a part timer in MV
10-17 19:41

@feliciajulin lololol I saw the text from Chelsea :P no probbies then.
10-17 19:35 bill exceeded. :| then again Maxis charged for that 'sim' for the ipad which I never used 3_3;;
10-17 19:21

Finally on the way home! Wheee ♪───O(≧∇≦)O────♪
10-17 18:24

@feliciajulin I had my sarcasm smiley on lol
10-17 18:10

Moral lessons is fun! (^∇^)
10-17 17:06

I'm at Backofen (Taylor's University Lakeside Campus, No. 1, Jalan Taylor's, Subang Jaya) w/ 7 others
10-17 15:13

Lol... I dah said the answer repeated exactly what i said.Oh why are you so like this la /naik bodoh
10-17 14:02

Did they just change the name on four square ? (@ Taylor's University w/ 64 others)
10-17 12:33

@feliciajulin bagus la
10-17 11:12

@silvennia pork noodles ! /brickedMorns (^∇^)
10-17 11:02

@feliciajulin you so late woman one hour summore
10-17 11:01

Lol finally found out the name of this coffee house I frequent for breakfast (@ Restaurant Yat Pat Hoe)
10-17 10:55

Hmm seems like I'll only get an error in upload frm my phone on twitpic. But twitter pic? Works just fine. I am confused
10-17 10:41

Pork ball noodz for breakfast!!
10-17 10:37

If I wasn't on data usage alone for Internet would be rm3k le scary
10-17 10:05

psshhh the things on my tumblr dashboard never fails to amuse me. ITS SO BAD IT HURTS MY EYES HAHAAHH
10-17 09:48

tweetdeck stop fagging on me. Mudaaaafooka
10-17 09:42

okay. Dad sending me. : | lol
10-17 09:31

@fezzydoodle ooo thanks! XDD
10-17 09:12

pimples again...ON MY CHIN. Owww
10-17 09:08

oh man fucking brain boner. Tarot/Persona Cards descriptions on tumblr is a major blow in the brain esp about the growth of an individual
10-17 09:05

@xNatashaDvyax trudat. Good morning Dyva :P
10-17 09:03

lol the recent post from Skrillex's FB page...I'm just lol-ing at the comments. /okay
10-17 09:00

@fezzydoodle ahahaha think he wants to do armor. For me :| totally something else but its okay! 8D /drinks coffee every morning actually
10-17 08:59

oh yeah @fezzydoodle do you actually keep the 'tabs' for your coke zero cans? : x /wants
10-17 08:54

...Its gonna be 8AM soon. Should dad send me? Y/Y? : |
10-17 08:48

woot...good morning :|
10-17 08:36

for srs...sleep. Nite all.
10-17 03:56

... rhythmic sex scene in Delicatessen I am mad I know
10-17 03:43

@feliciajulin masochist giler la ko
10-17 03:34

can't wait for this weekend. :D oi @justion :< be a gentleman and fetch me <3
10-17 03:23

i'm still awake. Shit.
10-17 02:43

i just realized my roots are showing. SADLY I won't dye my hair until it reaches my neck /and hopefully won't trim it :|
10-17 01:52

wthell..I'm craving for some of that chocoshake soya milk drink : |
10-17 01:36

seriously I do not want to watch that rhythmic sex scene in Delicatessen...should have watched Miss Potter instead. Since that one is due.
10-17 01:33

...:| sleepiness has not reached me. oh well might as well read up what will be covered in lecturer tomorrow.
10-17 01:31

@Justion eeheee :P
10-17 01:30

@Justion well you can start by changing mine first
10-17 01:14

sneezing like a numbnut : |
10-17 00:54

@cherishaeyan ehehe its okay :P I was pretty much very very paiseh to talk to anyone other than the people i know who dragged me :PP
10-17 00:25

@roxwindy go sleep daddie
10-17 00:11

Why am I reading both imw and imc's text book? Urk
10-17 00:11

Computer crashed again. Its a sign I should get a new rig. ( ̄◇ ̄;)
10-17 00:09

@cherishaeyan ( ´ ▽ ` )ノ thanks for the follow back ehe nice to meet you too~☆
10-17 00:08


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