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I was actually exposed to 東方Project around late 2008 almost 2009. It was 東方花映塚 ~ Phantasmagoria of Flower View then I got more interested SWR instead..and played UFO later..

Now I'm just trying to clear off Koumajou Densetsu's 2nd installment../which is a pain in the ass now considering I tend to fail alot in controlling meh.
Yes I'm planning also to attempt a cosplay from this series but we will see how..

now onwards to the actual stuff...
that aside 1st touhou Character but I won't be showing the 1st attempt..but I will show the upgraded version...チルノ 's Advent version instead ^^;;
Advent Cirno
- photo by Hexlord

This costume was pretty last minute..even my 'buster sword' ice-cream stick was made last minute..but the thing I'm proud off here is that its my 1st big prop..and I had already upgraded my 'wings' comparing to last time..

..Then I decided to challenged myself... 紫八雲/Yakumo Yukari which I had set planning to debut initially meant for Cosfest (but I did Advent Cirno instead) due to some setbacks our original partner to be our Ran couldn't make it...and well I was swarmed with issues that I wasn't able to complete my costume ...

But finally a group we managed to pull off...tho I was unsatisfied on my rushed stupidity heh...Plus I pretty much appeared in the event..QUITE LATE
Yakumo Trio - by xYuuwa
by xYuuwa
Yakumo Trio again by Alex Ho
by Alex Ho
birth of chen!!
by e-jump

I choose her because she is one of my favorite character (besides the baka ice fairy lolol)...and well ;P I like her..that is all to it
and oh..I can has a gap for a plushie too ;A; made with love okay...

then it was Patchouli Knowledge,which was a pretty last minute pull..costume was borrowed. This was a backup just in case I couldn't repair my Yukarin in time (which was what I expected in the end) Sorry for the stupidly tired look ....>W>;; and obviously I was being all tired and nonsense had managed to even look this >

sorry I couldn't debut my Yukarin again when I pestered you to cosplay Kourin that day!
with momo
I was shocked to see her pull off Marisa from Koumajou Densetsu!! I literally died in the toilet j/k but it was very nice to see someone I know from my K-ON group (including the Reimu) to be pulling off Touhou related during CF2010!! XD

I guess 2009-2010 is a kick start into cosplaying my current fandom atm...
and I hope I can pull off another group successfully again this time for Cosfest 2011
happy to know that we almost have most of our members by then ;3


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