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Been making myself busy for the past few weekends it gets confusing

Animangaki was helping out because I did not want to pay for entrance /very sneaky of me / but I get to cosplay :) my day one was horrendous tho as I was a solo Remilia ....

Day 2 was much more easy to move around as Hanekawa but sadly my shoes died

Silvy as Meiko Sandplay of the Dragon ver and me as the release hair ver of Hanekawa base on an official illustration.

Today just did the first round of MME 2012. Met my idol Yanagida-san !! he remembers me and asked how I am doing!! But I think I have such a derp answer cos I was tired from the lack of sleep hahahah

Yanagida-San and the rest of the drivers !

In the pit!
The track this time round our assignment was to concentrate on Petronas instead so yeah :333 Yanagida-San is driving for them and also congratulations for winning tho for the previous race you were at

I'll end my post for now.... Need to sleep for tomorrow assignment also