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I had a pretty odd dream.

It was so odd I was wondering if it was even real to begin with. >_<; Sigh I will type here before I really forget. I dreamt off going to a particular house...maybe to meet up with an ex? I don't know really but he didn't look like my ex-es IRL.

We ended up with him (omg he was really a pretty boy :< but he looks like one off my friends) showing to me...his torso area (uwah)

and he asked this "You remember the marks you gave me?" and pointed to two light scars on the cleft off his hips to near his belly button. I nodded somehow...and he wanted to be back together (??!!) somehow later =/ I got into like some 'memory' scene where I was rather very lovey dovey at a very childlike way off mine ...@A@;;

it was rather bitter sweet. But I don't understand....maybe I left this person because I was too rough on him?? But we cut to scenes where there ....was people trying to break up our relationship...hard moment in the dream it seems =/

does it signify how challenging and hard for me to maintain relationships? Because usually IRL I don't really get into a proper relationship due to..self inferiority to the opposite genders to the point I actually try very hard to physically abuse them and just take them as some sort off.. responsibility esp for their welfare..i suppose.

I am just as confused with myself.