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I managed to get hold on the Limited Edition Series :3 retailing for around RM58+ at SaSa I was like why not and bought without much thinking....

Without BB cream ...naked face

With at least BB cream on :3

Only with one lash on.... It's actually quite tricky for me to put it on as I am used to the quite thick lash band for the Diamond Lash pair I always use.

With both on! Lenses I'm using is I.fairy Kimchi Bambi series in brown

Comfort wise it took awhile to get used to it though I'm blaming this entirely on my lack of practice with softer lashbands. I did notice how my lashes tends to collide into them which makes it look funny sometimes even when I curled my lashes before having them on.... Used abit of mascara to fix that tho !

Also it might be a nuisance to my lenses as how the shape of my eyes is. The lashes will have a high chance of pushing down my own lashes towards the lenses hence irritating them...ugh

I would still have to say its due to my lack of practice. Oh well ! now time to spam these photos heh those who were on my instagram might have seen one of the photos but I am posting the bigger ver here :)

And here I will end my post! Thanks for reading ;)
For now I post this random photo I took today ( ´ ▽ ` )ノ

I've been very busy ;(

But I will post about Cosfest 2012/ONE OK ROCK @ SINGAPORE too ;) please wait!

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I'm feeling quite dead.

Surviving with what I cling on and hope for the best

Eyes - Manly Eyeshadow Palette + Cyber colors Eyeliner Gel in Black , STAGE White Eyeliner,Maybelline Extreme Stiletto (Waterproof)
Lashes - RM1 Lashes that I bought and still do love it to death due to its particular style which I cut into half.
Cheeks - Inglot Face Blush in 27
Foundation - Chanel Comfort Radiance Compact Makeup (sample size) in BR10 (Beige Rose - Pastel)
Lips - Rimmel Vinyl Gloss in 110 (Keep a secret)

I really wanted a new blusher and eyeliner brush too because my old one died on me and it's already scratchy.

Now I have to return to my assignments aaaa