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Kuro Musashi ramen ;) I like how the sesame taste is just right for me.

Aka Musashi ramen
Not mine but I was told it was pretty spicy for him.

All aside the service here is nice the staff friendly ...oh and refillable water. Been awhile I've ate decent ramen cos this one is NOT HALAL take note!
Went to The Gardens actually to pick out an outfit for mum to wear at the wedding
dinner we will be attending.

ended up buying a dress or rather 2 from Marks and Spencer

Ate a lot too! Went to Austin Chase for the first time and I spotted they sold Mille Crêpe..decide to try it out.

It wasn't that bad...maybe too much of fresh cream got my stomach reacting to it.

Behind it was Strawberry Ganache cake which I didn't get to try...parents already wolfed it down before I could even ask to try