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MMER 2012 just started and hour ago. All the best to the participating teams !!!
Been making myself busy for the past few weekends it gets confusing

Animangaki was helping out because I did not want to pay for entrance /very sneaky of me / but I get to cosplay :) my day one was horrendous tho as I was a solo Remilia ....

Day 2 was much more easy to move around as Hanekawa but sadly my shoes died

Silvy as Meiko Sandplay of the Dragon ver and me as the release hair ver of Hanekawa base on an official illustration.

Today just did the first round of MME 2012. Met my idol Yanagida-san !! he remembers me and asked how I am doing!! But I think I have such a derp answer cos I was tired from the lack of sleep hahahah

Yanagida-San and the rest of the drivers !

In the pit!
The track this time round our assignment was to concentrate on Petronas instead so yeah :333 Yanagida-San is driving for them and also congratulations for winning tho for the previous race you were at

I'll end my post for now.... Need to sleep for tomorrow assignment also
Might not be able to remember everything because I have my Final exams next week and I should really be studying !!

me, Shiro and especially Hibiki who invited me to help them him out !! Thank you thank you !!!

What I wore for Sunday! At least the weather isn't that bad...

This was how early I was in the area.....but I still had to wait.... for someone. I should just wake people up when I wake up....:)

It is surprisingly my first time to be at Sepang, my first time to attend a race, first time to walk so near the tracks, first time to ever look up to a driver with utmost respect!

Masataka-San Ganbarimasu!!

I can say that the experience I face is something I would value and treasure most in my lifetime because I don't get to do this so often.

Ika Musume!! GESO GESO GESO.....

I will have to end here!

Need to get ready for exams now
This is really a backdated entry...but I'll try to recap everything as short as possible.

Was asked to go to the event area around 9 but Pavilion only opens around 10.30.....managed to enter the mall with the excuse as helping out for Cosplay Tales haha.

Guess I was not the only one there!

Been awhile I've seen you Hisashi :3 rad hairdo ehe.

Since we were really early ended up buying breakfast and roll around the area till Hibiki (who I was suppose to help out hahahah..) finally came around 10+ ...(lateee due to preparing lol)

Me and pics with the Danny Choo characters

The area ...


Ended up go bored so I decided to try that fuji apple tea as suggested by Hibiki...since I didn't really fancy Ochado but gave second chance lol

Decently refreshing....just couldn't stand drinking cold first thing the morning as it will upset my stomach so I gave to Hamada...

Again lol.

So went to Daiso. With one thing in mind one impractical nonsense and get another practical nonsense. So I got myself an usamimi (after one year of deciding ...) and a sewing kit for me to use for events

And then lunch at a cafe ...lunch paid for by uncle and aunty so paiseh! >~<;

Tako's mushroom soup in a bread bowl

My omurice

Got my gokaiger sweets tho! Thankiuuuuuuuuuuu

Got these two out of curiosity ...regretted taking the Lipton milk tea...should've taken the Kirin one -.-

I will end my post now with this ehehehheehe

Thank you for bothering to read :3

The crowd on Saturday!

Fans that came all the way from Japan. dedication! I am so surprise !

The performance is really nice the girls are so cute >~< but I was station as security on one side of the stage so I got sunburnt so bad.

Like a prawn...
Their performance is really awesome a lot of energy

Shokotan came on Sunday ! She recognize my cosplay of Ahim .../shy

Her performance is so awesome up close I can't believe I was really this close to her aaaaa I appreciate the experience !!

I met new friends! Makio who I do not have a picture with and Akihito-san is a very nice and fun guy thank you so much for dinner ! Will see you soon in Singapore

Memorable moment for both days during working at Japan fest !