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Been up and down with Uni work....kind of worried I am not able to check my student portal properly sobs :(

Anyways currently in London and its really annoying how much time diff is in Malaysia ;( ...just because.

Wanted to post pics for my recent visits but going to just share a selca hahah!

Will compile my photos properly >^<

Decided to use my twitter handle >^<

Okay good night ! It's 11.43pm here /cries

A new chapter begins for 2013 !

Pudding and I ... He's so cute right ?

Feeling down the past few weeks. Being angry at myself so many times at things that might have been done for my own good. Unproductive...etc

Trying to blog out most of the time but I guess twitter has been handling my random burst of anger/annoyance/etc ?

Oh well more backdated stuff. So here have a song/vid I'm currently spamming.
What I saw this morning before we went for breakfast

This is breakfast !

So full ....and then off to the aquarium shop. While waiting for my dad to pick out his new aquarium x.x



Chilli red variation

So many ....

So hot presentation my block had a total shut down! It's so hot that time we were done...then I went off to do some errands for work and ate at Ikea with friends

We paid a visit to the pet shop and saw cats uwaaaa

Ended up buying this haha