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i just realize the 'white on black' option if you press ur home button 3 times..WAIT WAS IT FOR ANYWAYS
10-23 23:52

eh wait I was suppose to be asleep 30 mins ago. :| okay for real now.
10-23 23:43

as much as I know people might already view me as a stick up her ass person. :| not like I care about holidays but I despise it. ALOT.
10-23 23:35

@lockieishere :|
10-23 23:16

sure sure. My comment sounds more like an assumption. When its clearly not. Its a more of matter of fact thing. =_=
10-23 23:09

and from how the system is done LAN subs like Moral and MS = possibly will be held NOT during that week.
10-23 22:52

sure finals ends up after xmas but take note :| we only have 4 subs during that actual finals dates.
10-23 22:52

classmates. Do you have any fucking common sense sometimes :|
10-23 22:51

home > bed nao > ignore me plz
10-23 22:38

On the way home. :| going to just go straight to room and rot
10-23 22:08


hmm...apparently quite a few I know are suffering alil bit from sore throat.
10-18 23:50

@AditiDraco95 did you get it from your doc?
10-18 23:27

@AditiDraco95 there is this 'kelapa' brand. I'll pick up a packet for you before I go to campus tomorrow la kay? :) see if it works for ya
10-18 23:24

@feliciajulin la kay. asalkan boleh :P
10-18 23:09

@AditiDraco95 strepsils actually makes your cough worst...^^;;
10-18 23:09

olol finally managed to try out the iMessage option from the ios5 update. Not bad yo
10-18 23:09

dear self please decide to either you sleep early or continue staying awake but suffer from migraine. rawr. no love, me.
10-18 22:54

@feliciajulin LOOOL try work around with it :P I think your comp doesn't fancy you....
10-18 22:49

@feliciajulin iya rabi. Ba ok ok ok I see you tomorrow la! :) Kat mana yer your practice?
10-18 22:33

@feliciajulin once again when you click on the docx > right click > open with > Microsoft Word . Did you do that?
10-18 22:30


@fezzydoodle D:
10-17 23:59

@fezzydoodle D: NOOO /looks at the bottle suddenly empty
10-17 23:37

@fezzydoodle ohai
10-17 23:12

@feliciajulin ba see ya tomorrow la haha Bawa laptop juak
10-17 23:02

Sometimes I wonder what you mean by being a 'big' presence in your life. Worst I'm apparently 'sphesul' to you. /lelakinipunyaconplicatedplz
10-17 22:57

@feliciajulin ... Okayy tomorrow sya tolong ko. You got drama meeting right ?
10-17 22:55

Tomorrow please be kind to me. I ended my day pretty bad. Sigh
10-17 22:54

I miss everything already.
10-17 22:52

@feliciajulin continue that one
10-17 22:51

@feliciajulin lol bagus ko bawa laptop tomorrow I'll help rectify n do a clean uninstall for your old one lol
10-17 22:40